Strategic Plan


The Wicomico Public Library will be an accessible, welcoming community center that is known as the best source for information by supporting education in all forms, providing excellent library service, leading in bridging the digital divide, and working with its partners to meet the needs of the community it serves.

In order to make this vision a reality, the following priorities have been established for
Wicomico Public Library.

Wicomico Public Library:
Will be accessible and welcoming, providing personal assistance; relevant, community-focused resources; and unique, customized classes and services; all designed to meet the needs of its community wherever those needs exist. This accessibility will include both physical and online locations of the library and encompasses library hours, building, collection, staff, computers/Internet (Wi-Fi), website, administration and board.

Will support education in all its forms, for every age, including pre-school and child care, K-12, college and trade schools. It will support and assist with personal quests for knowledge; literacy
development and support; technology and research training; provide resources for personal improvement and assist with career and business development. It will not only furnish access to
resources but will be a community leader by creating programs and providing support to empower individuals as they seek ways to improve themselves, their economic situation, their
family or business endeavors, or any other area of their life.

Will serve as a community hub, providing rooms for meetings, cultural, fine arts and historic programs, business meetings, and the availability for social interaction in an open, inviting public
space. Its facility will support a wide variety of activities, from programming for children and adults to hosting local events and displays. It will provide space for quiet study, group interaction
and online/distance meetings. Every location will be easy to access and use, providing a link to numerous tools that support the community served at that location and will be designed for
multiple uses based on the needs of that area. It will be a stress-free, inviting, and comfortable place to be.

Will be a leader in bridging the digital divide. It will address the digital needs of the community through training, support, and hands on workshops, influx of up-to-date equipment, and online
resources. It will be a work-friendly space, providing individuals with access to the internet, software, office equipment, etc. that are current, user friendly and efficient so that people can
complete their work. It will continually support those seeking employment and provide space and support for workforce development including job skill and work improvement training.

As accepted by the Board of Trustees, February 12, 2013

The Priorities of Wicomico Public Library

Wicomico Public Library:
Will operate with a staff that has a clear vision of what excellent library service is. The staff will receive coaching and mentoring to develop the necessary skills and will be empowered to
provide that service. The staff members will take ownership and pride in delivering quality service in a professional manner and will be recognized and valued by the Director, Board, and
community for success in their work. They will focus on being responsive to the needs of the community and will take the needed steps to make all the library’s resources as relevant as
possible, easy to use, and top quality. The use of proactive, open communications will allow staff to be informed, empowered, and enabled; providing the most current information. Staff,
administration, and board will be in continual communication so as to always be working toward the same destination.

Will be a Key Partner in the community and will have a well-developed and informed group of partners who understand how the library can help them meet their goals and objectives, what
the library’s priorities and goals are, how they can help the library meet those goals, and how this benefits the overall community. The Library will be a Change Agent by leading the way in
cultivating partnerships with organizations (both profit and non-profit) whose mission or goals align with the Library to maximize the effort of all, creating multiple positive impacts on the

Will have an engaged team of Board members, staff, Friends, volunteers, and community partners who will work to keep the Library aligned with the needs of its community and the community
aware of the needs of the Library. This will continually keep the Library a relevant, nimble organization. This team concept (staff, administration, board, Friends, volunteers, and partners)
will focus on raising public awareness of the library and its services through grass roots advocacy efforts, member education, board connections in the community, promotion and
public relations activities and a long range marketing plan. Through this network, the library will develop avenues for sustainable and secure funding sources and an advocacy base that will
provide for the library’s needs both now and in the future.