Guidelines For Artwork Displays

The purpose of Wicomico Public Library’s display area is to fulfill two of the Library’s strategic plan priorities:

Supporting education in all its forms and Being a community hub.

The Library provides exhibit/display facilities for public and Library use. Displays using these facilities shall further one or more of these purposes:

a) Displaying quality original art, crafts, photographs or writings and other artwork, especially work created by Eastern Shore artists, of interest to the Eastern Shore community or contained in traveling exhibits.
b) Displaying collections or hobbies of local residents that are of interest to the general population.
c) Calling attention to a theme related to Library services, collections or programs.
d) Bringing together Library materials which relate to a theme of current interest.
e) Highlighting current issues, events or other subjects of public interest.
f) Defining the activities of local organizations and agencies engaged in educational, recreational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities.

Individuals or groups wishing to use the Artwork Display area should complete a Display Guidelines, Application & Release Form and submit that form and the necessary attachments to the Library Director. This form can be found on our website.

  • The Library assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, damage or destruction of items left for display.
  • All displays must meet existing State and Federal laws on obscenity, copyright, libel, defamation of character or invasion of privacy.
  • All displays must adhere to established guidelines for mounting.
  • The Library does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in any single display. Granting of permission to display materials does not imply Library endorsement of content, nor will the Library accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made in such materials.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse space to displays that, in its opinion, do not support the strategic plan as stated above. Displays can be removed by the Library at any time without notice.
  • Library-produced or solicited displays have priority over displays proposed by non-Library groups or individuals. Priority for displays is given to groups and individuals within Wicomico County.
  • Name and contact information for the group or individual providing the display must be a part of the display. Each artist will be provided with one (1) 8 1⁄2 x11 inch space where they can provide information on the art, contact information or other relevant facts.
  • All publicity material promoting the display must be submitted to the Library for approval before its release.
  • The Library may designate spaces for particular types of displays to make best use of display units or to make the display more accessible to the intended audience.
  • A group or individual is limited to a single display period in a twelve-month period and may have only one (1) display scheduled at a time.
  • Artists who reserve space but who do not install a display (no shows) will be require to wait at least 24 months before being allowed to reserve another timeframe. Artists who need to cancel their shows should do so as soon as possible so that the Library can fill that time with another artist.
  • While the Library display space may not be used as a sales gallery, items available for sale may have a price attached to them while displayed.
  • The Library will not sell, act as an agent for nor be involved in the sale of items on display. Items sold by individual artists should not be removed from the display until the assigned display time is concluded.

    The Administrative Assistant shall oversee the Display Program and will establish a Display Advisory Committee to review proposals for shows of original art to ensure that displays in the Library are of high quality.

    Display Application & Release Form

    Approved by Wicomico Public Library Board of Trustees