Bulletin Board

Wicomico Public Libraries provide space in the Library as a community service so that non-profit and community service organizations may display, distribute, and exhibit materials.

Local, state and federal government agencies and community organizations should use the following criteria when posting announcements and community events on the large bulletin board located in the lobby of the Downtown Library.

• Information posted on the Bulletin Board does not constitute endorsement or sponsorship of the events, organizations or individuals, by the Library staff or the Library Board of Trustees. Due to limited space, preference will be given to events and organizations located in Wicomico County.
• All items must be submitted to the Library for approval before displaying. Any items posted without approval will be removed. Items submitted for display will not be returned. The Library is not responsible for any of the posted material.
• All items must clearly state who is the sponsoring organization and/or individual. Contact information must be included.
• The Library reserves the right to remove material judged to be unsuitable for public display. Basis for refusal may include size, content, appearance or space limitations.
• The Library does not post:
o Partisan political material
o Religious materials from individuals or organizations using this display opportunity solely to proselytize
o Social advocacy propaganda
o Materials that are discriminatory or that violate obscenity statutes

Posting Procedures:
• All notices that are received by the Library will be reviewed by the Bulletin Board Coordinator before they are posted. The final decision for display or distribution will rest with the Executive Director.
• The Coordinator will initial the notice and place the date received in the bottom right corner.
• Notices will be posted within three (3) days of receipt and removed upon expiration of event or at the discretion of the Library.
• A notice of the Bulletin Board procedure will be posted on the Board to inform the public of proper methods of display.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on June 14, 2011
Revised on April 10, 2012
Revised on October 14, 2014
Approved on October 13, 2015