Books To Go

Wicomico Public Library now offers Books To Go! Books To Go allows you to safely pick up your library holds without interacting with a library staff member. We ask that you allow 24 hours between when you place your hold and when you schedule your pick up time to allow us enough time to retrieve your materials.

How it Works
Call a branch to request materials or place a hold online using our website. Patrons requesting materials for pick-up at the Downtown Branch should call 667-253-2475; patrons requesting materials for pick-up at the Centre Branch should call 410-546-5397; patrons requesting materials for pick up at the Pittsville Branch should call 410-835-2353. You may also request items online using our website:

Request your desired materials. Let us know what you’re looking for. While we may not be able to receive items from other libraries, we have many wonderful titles in-house and we are ready to help you find your next great read. Do you have specific authors and titles in mind? Would you like ideas on what to read next? We can help with that. Just please have your library card handy and contact us!

Give us at least 24 hours to gather and prepare up to 10 of your requests. Some items may not be available immediately but we will do our best to get you as many of the items you've requested as possible.

Schedule a pick-up time. Once we have collected as many of your requests as possible, we will contact you to inform you what items will be available when you arrive at the library. We will then schedule you for a time for you to pick up your items.

Come to the library at your scheduled pick-up time. At the Downtown Branch call (667) 253-2475; at Centre call (410) 546-5397; and at Pittsville call (410) 835-2353 to let us know that you have arrived. Please make sure you are wearing a mask. Remain in your vehicle as the library employee brings your materials outside and places them at the designated location—we will let you know where to go when you contact us to let us know you have arrived. Your items will have already been checked out to you. Once the staff member has entered the building you may pick up your materials.

Enjoy your library materials! Your items will say that they are due in three weeks, but please remember that most items automatically renew. Our book drops are now open at the Downtown & Pittsville Branches and you may return your materials when they are due by depositing your items in the book drop.

Return your materials. We know that many of you have items that you need to return. Please place these items in our external book returns. Staff members are not allowed to take these items from you. For everyone’s safety, we have strict quarantine procedures which begin with items being placed in the book returns to limit exposure.

Questions and Answers

Q: When can I pick up items?
A: Tuesday through Saturday - 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.(Downtown & Pittsville) – Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.(Centre)
You must call to schedule a pick-up time. We will need time to make sure we've collected and checked out all your items.

Q: How many items can I request?
A: You can request 10 items per library account.

Q: Which library materials can I get through curbside pick-up?
A: You may request any circulating materials owned by Wicomico Public Library.

Q: Can I request items and pick them up on the same day?
A: It takes time to collect requested items and prepare them for pick-up, so we require at least 24 hours between requests and pick-up time.

Q: I requested 10 items, but only 5 were available. Why? When can I get my other items?
A: We will try our best to have all your items ready within 24 hours. If all of your items are not yet available, it’s because we are still working on locating them. When we contact you to schedule your pick-up time, we will tell you which items have been checked out to you. If you are waiting for your requests to become available, you may request other items. We will contact your when your requested items are available. Please keep in mind interlibrary loan is not available during this time so we are limited to items owned by Wicomico Public Library.

Q: If I’m sick, can I still pick up items via curbside pick-up?
A: For the safety of staff and patrons, please do not schedule a curbside pick-up if anyone in your household is ill or is under quarantine/isolation.

Q: Can I return the materials I've had checked out?
A: Absolutely, but you must place them in the outside book return and maintain social distancing. We've established quarantine procedures for all materials. Returns can be accepted at all 3 branches.

Q: How long will this service be available?
A: We will offer curbside pick-up as long as the library building is closed and it is considered safe to continue this service.